Biz tax amnesty program yields over $7,000 | The Bridgton News

2022-06-18 03:59:55 By : Ms. Tina G

NAPLES — The Town of Naples brought in some revenue by offering the forgiveness of all accrued interest on business tax bills from years’ past 

The town spent money in the process of notifying those people who owed business tax bills and setting up the 90-day interest-forgiveness program.  

The amnesty program yielded $7,794, according to Naples Town Manager John Hawley. The business tax amnesty period, which lasted 90 days, ended May 31.

Unlike the property tax bill, the business tax bill does not list past due amounts for the customer. The business tax bill shows the amount due for the current year. 

On Monday, Town Manager presented the results to the Naples Board of Selectmen.  

“It had a little bit of success. I think we probably ended up spending more on the collection effort than we gained but we did clear some records,” Hawley said. 

Of the 63 accounts notified, 15 accounts were paid in full and two accounts have made partial payments, according to the paperwork. 

Administrative Assistant Paula Miller “provided [the selectmen] with a remaining list of those past due accounts. In her recommendation column, after some investigation, she made a recommendation on how [the selectmen] should act on some of these,” Hawley said. 

About a half-dozen of the accounts had a recommendation of abate and delete. Four of the accounts in the abate-and-delete category were less than $50. 

Hawley asked board members if they wanted to continue with the process of collecting the remaining amounts. 

Selectman Kevin Rogers spoke.   

“If we didn’t break even on this, how are we going to break even if we go longer. When do we say, ‘Enough is enough?’ If we just made enough to cover chasing down $77,000, is it worth it,” Rogers said.

Chairman Jim Grattelo asked how the town spent $7,700. 

“Time and energy,” Hawley said.

“I say we just keep going at it,” Grattelo said, adding the majority of the money has already been spent laying the groundwork. 

Selectman Colin Brackett asked if the town could keep a list available of the owners of trailers/mobile homes that were parked in Naples but drove away before paying the personal property tax.

Audience member PriscillaKyle asked if the town office gives people the option to pay personal property tax or register a camper. 

“In fact, we don’t suggest it. We look it up when they come in and see if there is a savings between the two. And, we offer them the cheapest way,” Hawley said. 

Brackett clarified that the grace period had ended. 

“The benefit of the amnesty is that we would have wiped away any of the interest that has accrued,” Hawley said.